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Quad tours

Embark on an unforgettable quad tour through mountains and lakes! Experience the thrill of conquering rugged terrains and discovering hidden gems. The expert guide ensure your safety while you soak in breathtaking views and create lasting memories. Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime! Book your quad tour directly on the website or ask at the reception for more info.

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Walk with Llamas

Walk with the llamas along an old mule track, where you can observe the pastures, the splendid Valle Intelvi and panoramas over the Como lake.  The activity begins with a first contact with the llamas followed by a description of their behavior during the walk.

Llamas are an excellent company for a walk in complete relaxation to unwind from the usual routine and enjoy the moment of an unforgettable experience!


Jungle Raider Park

An adventure for all, from the youngest to the more adult ones, Jungle Raider Park is an adventure and amusement park built in the trees: a skill path hanging in the air, which shifts from logs to wooden walkways, from Nepalese bridges to ropes connecting one tree to the next. There are multiple parks in the area: the closest one is in Civenna, nord of Bellagio; the other two are in Margno and Albavilla. 


Monte Tamaro

At the intermediate station of the cable car there is the Adventure Park, an evocative acrobatic course suspended over magnificent centuries-old beech trees divided into three routes suitable for the whole family. The Great Route ends with the Final Tamaro Jumping, a spectacular jump from a height of approx. 15 meters.

Once at Alpe Foppa you can try a breathtaking descent with the sledge lift along a path of 800 meters reaching 50 km / h, or an exciting flight of 440 m over the Tyrolean.


Swiss Miniatur

A one-hour journey taking in the whole of Switzerland. Seems impossible? Not in Swissminiatur, the park reproducing a miniature version of the Swiss Confederation. The Park covers 14,000 m². Dotted around the park you can admire the over 128 1:125 scale models of the most famous buildings and monuments in Switzerland.

The detailed and authentic models include well-known sites such as the castles of Rapperswil, Chillon and Bellinzona, the Federal Parliament in Bern and the Piazza Grande in Locarno.


Go Kart

Inside "DRIVER Como" you will find the "TOP RACE Park", an indoor amusement park with more than one adrenaline-pumping attractions. The main attraction is the electric indoor go kart track, but there is also an ice track for go kart drifting and many race simulators.

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If it's raining and don't know what to do or simply want to enjoy a fun evening with your family or friends then why not go bowling? The closest bowling alley is just half an hour from the camping, in Lugano.

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