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By following the cycle path that starts from Porlezza it is possible to reach Menaggio, a very popular location on Lake Como which is located in the center of the lake, where Bellagio, Varenna and Tremezzo with its Villa Carlotta also overlook. The village has a romantic lakefront, historic fairytale villas surrounded by beautiful gardens and spectacular hiking trails.
A nice walk is the path of the ancient Strada Regina, dating back to Roman times. A very important way of communication in the past, which connected Como with the Alpine passes.



Easilly accesible with a ferry boat from Menaggio, Varenna is a small coastal village that represent to perfection the Italian style of living and the "Dolce Vita". Very impressive is the lake promenade with stretches suspended over the water, called the "walk of love", which connects the old to the new port. From the promenade you can go up towards the inside of the town, on whose square (old settlement of the Roman forum) the central streets open out in various directions. 



Como is a lively and pleasant town with an appealing historical centre and a scenic location at the southern end of the weast branch of Como lake.

The city centre is perfect for walking and shopping, and with its many bars and restaurant a classic "aperitivo" is not to miss! The lakeside offers a "romantic promenade" giving citizens and tourist a wonderful itinerary rich of beautiful sights of the lake and the historical buildings.



Bellagio is a must — it is called "La Perla del lago" (the Pearl of the Lake) due to its characteristic sophisticated retro style and Art Nouveau. We recommend taking a walk to Villa Melzi and its gardens. The village is easilly accessible from menaggio and tremezzo, every hours ferry boats depart from theyr shores in the direction of Bellagio.



Lugano is the largest Italian-speaking city outside of Italy and is a perfect mix of Swiss and Mediterranean culture. Lugano can be reached from Porlezza by car, bus or boat (only in the summer months).
To visit is the beautiful Civic Park "Parco Ciani", with its well-kept flower beds directly overlooking the water. Not to miss is also a walk in the historic center with its narrow streets and alleys including the Via Nassa, where “luxury” is the key word!


Castello - Valsolda.jpg


A maze of narrow streets, alleys, gardens, squares and views of the lake and the mountain: a set of houses, terraces, flowered balconies, ancient archways... this is Valsolda. Valsolda is magical, nostalgic and mysterious, a small ancient world ... Nine hamlets connected by roads and ancient mule tracks, starting from Porlezza towards Lugano the villages that overlook the lake are Cressogno, San Mamete, Albogasio and Oria which borders with Switzerland. Higher up, on the slopes of the mountains, Loggio, Drano, Puria, Dasio and Castello overlook the valley, offering breathtaking views.



One of the most famous Italian cities, Milano has plenty of attractions and things to do. We suggest parking at "Lampugnano" parking and reaching the center with the metro. Once in the centre you are spoiled for choice: visiting the Duomo, do some shopping in Via Monte Napoleone, taking an "aperitivo" by the Navigli are just a couple of examples of the many things you can do in this historic City.

By clicking on the button you will be able to see a guide on the best way to reach the city center!


Val Cavargna

A place away from urban centers where you can take refuge to live moments of relaxation, discover its treasures, walking through paths surrounded by nature, and admire breathtaking views. Val Cavargna and Val Rezzo extend over an altitude range of over 1000m and border on Val Sanagra and Valsolda. There are many possibilities for trips and ascents to the surrounding mountains, including the most beautiful excursions in the whole province of Como

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