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This is the main bike route that connects the camping and Porlezza to menaggio, on the Como lake. Accessible by everyone, this path was constructed on the remains of the old railway that in the 19th century transported commuters along this way. It is mostly flat, except for the final stretch towards Menaggio which can be a bit steep and is only recommended for more fit cyclists or people with e-bikes. 

former 2.jpeg

Former Railway Path

MP alti.JPG

Difficulty: Easy   Duration: 2:00h   Lenght: 13,5km  

By following the former railway bicicle path mentioned above, you have the possibility to do a deviation near the end, at Croce, following the direction of "Crocetta", this will lead to a gravel path that ends at the Crochetta Church and its balcony, that faces the Como lake. Here you can enjoy one of the most accessible panoramic points in the area, and you can also discover the history of WW1, since the area is covered in old trenches from the "Linea Cadorna". 

Crocetta 2.jpeg

La Crocetta


Difficulty: Easy   Duration: 2:00h   Length: 11,7km

Explore the captivating hamlets of Porlezza on our round bike tour. This medium-difficulty path takes you through picturesque landscapes and invites you to discover the hidden treasures of charming villages. Pedal along scenic routes, passing through quaint streets lined with historic churches and captivating architecture.  It's the perfect excursion for those seeking a moderate challenge and a chance to experience the beauty of Porlezza's villages firsthand. Doable with all kind of bikes.


Porlezza's hamlets tour

alti hamle.JPG

Difficulty: Medium   Duration: 1:45h   Length: 11,3km

Nestled on the slopes of steep mountains, the Valsolda Valley is known for its charming villages and stunning natural beauty. Bike enthusiasts can explore this green destination's cycling routes and trails. A must visit during the trip is the hamlet of Castello, with its narrow streets and panoramic views over the lake. This round trip is better suited for MTBs and E-Bikes, for the presence of some steps

Castello - Valsolda.jpg

Valsolda by bike

soldaval alti.JPG

Difficulty: Medium   Duration: 2:15h   Length: 20,3km

Suitable for MTB and E-Bikes, the ascent to Monte Galbiga and the Rifugio Venini is fashinating. From the camping, following the directions for Valle Intelvi, then going towards Ponna and continuing on the road to the refuge, you will be able to take panoramic views ont both the surrounding lakes and the steep walls of the mountains.

It is possible to descent the mountain by the bocchette di nava path. MTBs and E-Bikes only.

venininini 2.jpeg

Rifugio Venini

nini 3.JPG

Difficulty: Challenging   Duration: 3:00h   Length: 23,3km

Nice ride on the slopes of Monte Tremezzo, with fantastic views over the two branches of Lake Como. The climb takes place on busy asphalt between Menaggio and Croce, then on a cart track with steep ramps to the summit. It is worth following the track to the top of Sasso San Martino, to enjoy the well-deserved break on the highest and most panoramic point and look at the remaining trenches. It is possible to descent the mountain by the rifugio Venini path. MTBs and E-Bikes only. 


Bocchette di nava

nava alti.JPG

Difficulty: Challenging   Duration: 2:30h   Length: 21,5km

This circuit is a 3:45h trip that lets you discover traditional landscapes and italian villages. Once in Menaggio with the former railway path, you need to follow the lakeside in the direction of Como until the village of Argegno: you now have the possibility to take the Pigra cablecar to skip the Val d'Intelvi climb, and from there a long downhill back to the Camping. Note that the majority of the tour is on normal roads, so is suitable for road bikes. All tipes of bikes are welcome in this tour, specially road bikes.


The 2 lakes loop circuit

loop alti.JPG

Difficulty: Challenging   Duration: 3:45h   Length: 44,3km

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