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Camping Info

Reception opening hours   

8:30h-12:00h / 14:00h-19:00h

The guests who plan to leave before the above-mentioned timetable, should pay the previous day.


Payment from   

8:30h-12:00h / 14:00h-19:00h

Methods accepted: 

Cash/Credit cards/Pin


GATE opening hours:   

7:00h - 23:30h           


Check-out camping pitches:     

12:00h Lakeside/Comfort pitches

18:00h Standard pitches



STANDARD place - 4 Ampere

COMFORT / LAKESIDE place - 6 Ampere

DELUXE place - 16 Ampere


WI-FI internet:

1 free voucher per pitch. The Voucher only lets you browse with one device at a time. You can use different devices with the same voucher but not simultaneously. (for more info look behind). Extra voucher: € 1,00 per day



Drinking water in all the camping


Camper Service         

Free of charge.

Chemical WC             

By every wash blocks or by the camper service



Open from 8:00h-12:00h / 15:00h-18:00h

Washing machine:    

At wash blocks 1/2/3/5/6 you will find a self-service laundry with coin-operated industrial washing machines (7 kg load) and 2 dryers. 

Electric car charge:    

€3.00 x coin (1 coin=1 hour, 11kw, type 2)

Bike rental:   

By the Camping shop


Against reservation by the reception, 1 hour = €5.00

WIFI Access

Wi-fi Access is available throughout most of the camping area. The external service provider does not guarantee a constant connection, so it is not suitable for professional use or watching films/TV, as the signal and its availability vary depending on the number of users connected simultaneously.

Instructions for login:

Activate wifi connection and select the strongest CAMPING DARNA network.

Once you're connected, the authentication page will appear automatically

Enter the password and username (upper and lower case letters according to the voucher you were given)

Confirm then wait for the page to open

1 voucher only lets you browse with one device at a time.

You can use different devices with the same voucher but not simultaneously.

Since there are many people using the wifi connection on the campsite LOGOUT happens automatically after the device has been inactive for 10 minutes, to give everyone a better service.


If you have any problem:

Switch the device off completely and switch it on again, delete cookies in the browser settings, close any open web pages

Deactivate and reactivate the wifi network, Disconnect the Camping Darna network you were connected to, then reconnect.






Hospital MENAGGIO ITALY:                

First Aid 24/24  

Via Virginia Casartelli, 7 Menaggio   

ca. 15 minutes by car


The First Aid of Menaggio Hospital is a SIMPLE STRUCTURE. NO PEDIATRICS

English/Deutsch/Duch not guaranteed


Hospital CIVICO LUGANO CH:           

First Aid 24h/24h                

Via Tesserete 46 - 6900 Lugano                     

ca. 30 minutes by car


Hospital ITALIANO LUGANO CH:         

First Aid: 07:00h - 23:00h

Via Capelli - 6900 Lugano                                               

ca. 25 minutes by car


Tourists in Switzerland

Tourists from an EU/EFTA member state are entitled to receive medical treatment during temporary visits to Switzerland (for holidays or business trips). Nationals of other countries must have sufficient insurance to cover the cost of any possible healthcare needs.


+393358036670  (From Menaggio) Mr. Pozzi

+410912202424/+410796237555 (from Lugano) TI TAXI.CH

Medical info

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