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Medical info




Hospital MENAGGIO ITALY:                

First Aid 24/24  

Via Virginia Casartelli, 7 Menaggio   

ca. 15 minutes by car


The First Aid of Menaggio Hospital is a SIMPLE STRUCTURE. NO PEDIATRICS

English/Deutsch/Duch not guaranteed


Hospital CIVICO LUGANO CH:           

First Aid 24h/24h                

Via Tesserete 46 - 6900 Lugano                     

ca. 30 minutes by car


Hospital ITALIANO LUGANO CH:         

First Aid: 07:00h - 23:00h

Via Capelli - 6900 Lugano                                               

ca. 25 minutes by car


Tourists in Switzerland

Tourists from an EU/EFTA member state are entitled to receive medical treatment during temporary visits to Switzerland (for holidays or business trips). Nationals of other countries must have sufficient insurance to cover the cost of any possible healthcare needs.



+393358036670  (From Menaggio) Mr. Pozzi

+410912202424/+410796237555 (from Lugano) TI TAXI.CH

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