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Starting from the characteristic hamlet of Begna, following the signs for the “Ponte Strolech” waterfall, via Caduti in Guerra and then via alla Piana, go up through the streets of the town and then along the path, you will reach the small Begna waterfall.

The unspoiled nature, the freshness of the water and the charm of this small wonder hidden in the woods make this place an ideal destination for a relaxing walk in the shade of the trees.

Cascata di Begna

Difficulty: Easy   Duration: 2:00h   


A beautiful mountain hike suitable for the whole family is the one that leads to the “Rogolone”: an enormous oak tree of 8 m in circumference and about 300 years old.
The route starts from Codogna a hamlet of Grandola, after parking in the vicinity of Villa Camozzi and following the signs on the fence of the villa.
The route is flat and suitable for everyone.


Difficulty: Easy   Duration: 2:00h   


The route around "Lago del Piano" is a beautiful walk to do with children. Lago del Piano is a natural reserve located a few km from the campsite.
It can be easily reached by car, by bike or on foot (about 3km along the bike path). The itinerary we propose starts from the reserve and follows the red and white signs. We recommend it because in the 2/3 hours of walking you will find different habitats, from the beach to the pine forest, from the woods to the ruins of old mills..

Lake Piano

Difficulty: Easy   Duration: 2:30h


The path winds on the shores of the Lake Lugano through an area where the remains of ancient olive groves exist and where the olive tree has recently been reintroduced.
This easy walk starts from Gandria and is indicated by the olive tree logo; it is also enriched by 18 tables that inform about the history, botany and cultivation of the olive tree, as well as its products (olives, oil).

Sentiero degli Ulivi

Difficulty: Easy   Duration: 1:00h


A very easy excursion along the Lugano lake, perfect for families, it starts from the "painted village" of Claino and takes you to the Santa Giulia Church. Park at the entry of the hamlet and be enchanted by the many paintings on the walls of the rural houses (there are many trought the entire village) and when you are done go uphill until you reach the "via S.Giulia". The path is mostly flat until the S.Giulia waterfalls, from there a small incline leads you to the old church and the panoramic balcony. 

Santa Giulia

Difficulty: Easy   Duration: 1:15h


This is a short and easy trip for the whole family that will lead you to a rocky waterfall.

The path starts from "La Vecchia Chioderia" a fish farm where you will be able to see the various stage of trout farming, from there an easy route along the river will go deeper and deeper into the valley.

After a couple of rural villages and ancient bridges you will reach the rocky waterfalls.

Sass Corbee

Difficulty: Easy   Duration 1:00h


A special and suggestive path that will take you into a narrow valley, close to rock walls and tunnels dug into the stone. The path is not particularly difficult but requires a certain "flexibility" since the rocky tunnels are low and articulated at times. It starts from the Cardano car park and continues towards "Cascate di Tobi", after the bridge of the waterfalls, go down to the right, following the path along the river that will take you to the Orrido. Coming back you have the option to follow the same route or going on the direction "Forni" and from there back to Cardano.

Orrido Val Sanagra

Difficulty: Easy   Duration: 2:00h


The Menaggio Refuge (1400 m) is located at the foot of the southern slope of Monte Grona and offers a spectacular view of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains. From the refuge there is the possibility to climb to Monte Grona (1736 m) or to Monte Bregagno (2107 m). You can easilly reach it by the parking at "Monti di Breglia", from there you can follow the red and white signs that will lead you to the refuge. The path is moderately easy and suitable also for families. Once at the refuge, we suggest following the signs for "Pizzo Coppa" a small viewpoint on the Como and Lugano lakes just a few minutes from the refuge.

Rifugio Menaggio

Difficulty: Moderate   Duration: 3:00h


Walk along the coasts and grassy ridges to the oratory of San Lucio (alt. 1542m.), Located on the border crossing between Val Colla (Switzerland) and Val Cavargna (Italy), in the past a very busy transit route. Nearby is the San Lucio Refuge and higher up the Garzirola Refuge. A panoramic mountain road can get you to the parking at Val Rezzo and from there the marked path begins. Once at san Lucio you can decide to stop at one of the refugees or continue up to Monte Garziorola, or Cima di Fiorina, altrough going for the higher mountains it's not recommended to families due to the duration of the trip.

San Lucio

Difficulty: Moderate   Duration: 2:00h


This mountain is the perfect spot for families that want to take a day for hiking, enjoy the nature and nice panoramas. The excursion starts from "Orimento" a rural village where you will find a parking spot. From there the trail is signed and you have two options going up: we suggest taking the highest route first as it is the most scenic and come back by the lower one. On the top you'll find the Fiore di Pietra (Stone Flower), a highly modern restaurant and a brick path that leads to the very top of Mt. Generoso. A fun deviation on the lower route is to visit the "Bear Cave", a guided tour of a cave with many ancient and archeological finds.

Monte Generoso

Difficulty: Moderate   Duration: 3:00h


If you want to visit one of the nicest view over the city and lake of Lugano, Monte Boglia is the perfect spot!

There are two ways going up: the easyest, from Switzerland, starts from the top of the funicular at Monte Brè and from there follows a marked path suitable for everyone, that in about 1:30h (one way) takes you to the top. The other path, starting from San Rocco (Dasio), is more challenging because of the many steps before the top, and it's suitable only for more experienced hikers. No matter the way you choose, Monte Boglia is a nice summit to reach  which will give you a lot of satisfaction, once on the top.

Monte Boglia

Difficulty: Moderate   Duration: 3:30h


From the top of the Grona you can admire one of the best views of the Pre-Alps; in addition to the three lakes (Como, Lugano and Piano), the nearby peaks (Bregagno, Pizzo di Gino, Legnone, Grigne, Corni di Canzo) you can see the highest mountains in the Alps, from Monviso to Bernina. The climbs start from the Menaggio Refuge, and from there you have two options: the easyest "normal route" that takes approximately 1:15h from the refuge or the hardest "direttissima route", shorter but steeper. After a short climb (very easy) you arrive to the Mt. Grona's cross, where you can enjoy the best panorama in the area.

Monte Grona

Difficulty: Challenging   Duration: 4:00h

unnamed (1).jpg

Starting from San lucio, the path to Cima Fiorina let the hikers see a lot of panoramas, ranging from the classic rocky prealps valleys to the Lugano lake.

This excursion is suitable only for more experienced walkers due to the duration of the trip, but it's worth the effort. 

Cima Fiorina

Difficulty: Challenging   Duration: 4:00h


The Valsolda is a hub of many excursions, from the most easy to the most difficult, but we propose this one for its variety of landscapes and panoramas: it will pass from the wooded landscape of the valley to the open spaces of the mountain.

Starting from Dasio, follow the "Sentiero 4 Valli", and then the path with the blue stamp, the real "Via dei Canti". The highest point of the route is Alpe Pessina at 1217 m, which offers an exceptional panoramic point. These are easy routes but still require some training.

Via dei Canti

Difficulty: Moderate   Duration: 3:00h


The excursion starts from "Tecchio", from there a signed path will lead you to the "Croce di Campo refugee" and further you will reach the remains of the trenches of the "Cadorna line" built as a defensive line during the First World War.

Here stops the recommended route suited for everyone; for the more intrepid you can continue to the summit of Mt. Gino, the highest mountain in the whole Val Cavargna.

On the top of this mountain you will enjoy a truly suggestive panorama.

Mt. Gino and the Trenches

Difficulty: Challenging   Duration: 4:15h

san lucio
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